Whether you are preparing a five-course meal for an elegant dinner party or heating up leftovers to eat in front of the television, your kitchen is an essential part of your Lakeway home. Perhaps more than any other room in your home, your kitchen demands the perfect combination of beauty and practicality. Here are four of our favorite flooring options that offer that blend.


Hardwood floors are a classic look and remain a popular choice in kitchens around the Lakeway area. With options from light (white oak) the dark (walnut) and everything in between, matching a hardwood floor to your kitchen aesthetic does not need to be stressful. From a practicality standpoint, it’s important to remember to get your floor sealed stained during installation so it can best standup to interactions with water (which are a near certainty in a kitchen).

kitchen flooring hardwood lakeway


If you love the look of hardwood but would prefer something slightly more affordable, consider reaching out to our experts about installing laminate flooring. Laminate provides the same aesthetic as hardwood but it is naturally water-resistant, more durable and requires less maintenance – all positives in a busy area like a kitchen. Laminate also provides plenty of options, so you can make sure to get the perfect fit with your countertops, cabinets and appliances.

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Few flooring options offer a more immediate sense of luxury than tile. There is tremendous variety in the different types of tile, and as a result, they come in all different looks and colors. From an aesthetics standpoint, tile tends to lend itself to a luxury-country or luxury-rustic feel, so if that fits into your home, tile may be the perfect choice.

Aside from the appearance, tile is a strong option because of its durability and ease to maintain. Its durability means it is almost entirely resistant to cracks, dents, scratches, chips and breaks, and it is completely waterproof when installed correctly, so anything from spilling a glass of water to an overflowing dishwasher won’t be an issue.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl used to have some negative connotations in the flooring industry, but it has undergone significant advances over the past decades. As a result, it has become a tremendous and more affordable alternative to hardwood and tile. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) mimics the look of real stone or tile and it even offers some advantages that the original product does not. For instance, LVT can be more comfortable over time than stone, so if you spend lots of time standing in your kitchen, maybe consider LVT.

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